Lake Natron

Lake Natron

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Lake NatronLake Natron
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Lake Natron

At an altitude of 600m this is one of the lowest lakes in the East African rift valleys. Water reaching the lake can only leave the area by evaporation leaving behind dissolved salts which in this area are predominantly sodium carbonate, an alkaline substance. During very long dry periods great expanses of the lake, which is very shallow anyway, turn to dry areas of exposed sodium carbonate deposits. During the day time surface temperatures on the salt deposits can soar up to 50°C, yet it is here, on the soda flats, that flamingo choose to build their nests. To prevent their eggs being cooked they build the nests up to a higher level where the air is slightly cooler.

From Ngare Sero it is possible to drive a short way to view the lake or it is possible to walk from the Sengo-Moivara campsite.

Bird Watching
The campsites and Ngare Sero gorge offer excellent bird watching opportunities. A wide variety can be seen here including weavers, bee-eaters, vultures, eagles, storks, egrets, corrie bustards, sparrow, doves, buzzards and hawks.

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lake natron
lake natron
lake natron
lake natron

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